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FIrst FLights

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Alan Dyck’s RV-4 | Mississauga, On., Canada RV-4 #2186

Congratulations to Alan on the recent completion of his RV-4! He writes: On July 22/21 yet another RV-4, C-GUYM, took to the skies. She flew just like an RV, light and sensitive on the controls but not twitchy. Powered by a Lycoming O-320 160hp, fired by one Slick and one LSE Plasma 2, driving a […] Read More

John Russell’s RV-14 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia RV-14 #140622

Congratulations John! Building an RV-14 in Malaysia for Australian registration was always going to be interesting especially with the plan to include a ferry tank from the start so she could be flown to Australia via Christmas Island. With a full lockdown, normal jobs were not possible and building became a full time occupation 10 […] Read More

Raymond Eaton’s RV-6 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida RV-6 #22917

Congratulations to Raymond on the completion of his RV-6. He writes: It’s difficult to explain why it took me nearly 27 years to get here but my commitment to completing this project never waivered. Just as many RV buliders experience, life events contributed to a lengthy build. But along the way, this project actually provided […] Read More

Thomas Kenney’s RV-10 | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania RV-10 #41466

Thomas wrote in to let us know about the recent completion of his RV-10: For first T/O held it on the ground until 87 kts indicated airspeed. Climbed to 3000’ began circling the field at 24 in-Hg and 2400 rpm (MP and Tach). Noted CHTs were running over 400°F backed off to 23 in-HG and 2300 rpm. CHTs […] Read More

Brian Decker’s RV-7 | Georgetown, Texas RV-7 #74455

Congratulations to Brian on new RV-7! He writes: After 7 years and almost 500 hours, my first RV-7 was destroyed by a 500 flood at my home airport. When I began building the replacement, I decided to fix a few things as well as copy some modifications from the original RV-7: Small (RV-8) rudder, F1 […] Read More

Tim Glenn’s RV-12iS | Heber City, Utah RV-12iS #121041

Tim wrote in to let us know about the completion and first flight of his RV-12iS: After 4+ years of building (including a 4 month COVID delay) I took N520TG to the air for the first time today. It flew fantastic. All the numbers were right on the POH. Special thanks to Tony Kirk in […] Read More

Cory Bull’s RV-10 | Lakeway, Texas RV-10 #41454

Congratulation to Cory on the beautiful RV-10! The first flight was a pretty short flight around the pattern. I had a few software squawks that I was a little uncomfortable with. A couple quick adjustments and the second flight was 2 hours. Really glad I got 5 hours of transition training with Alex of RVtraining.com. […] Read More

Wayne Norris’ RV-7 | Liberty, Indiana RV-7 #70130

Congratulations to Wayne and Kathy on the first flight of their new RV-7! They write: Our plane was started as a 6/7A in Jan 2000 by a guy in Long Island, NY. He got it to the finish kit stage and stopped working on it in 2007. We bought the airframe in his estate sale […] Read More

David Burkhardt’s RV-8 | Scappoose, Oregon RV-8 #81926

Congrats to David on the new RV-8! He writes: Over many years of building that included 2 (very long) combat tours in Iraq, 2 house moves and life that got in the way of my passion to complete my plane. On June 24, 2021 the plane took to the air at the hands of Mike […] Read More

Darin Anderson’s RV-10 | Snoqualmie, Washington RV-10 #41667

Congratulations to Darin on the first flight of his new RV-10! He writes: On June 19th, 2021 N88DA took to the skies for the first time. The takeoff was smooth and clean with no unusual flight characteristics. 30 minutes of high power circles above KPLU were a thrill but also blessedly uneventful. I brief slow […] Read More

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