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FIrst FLights

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James A. Walkers New RV-10! | Birmingham, AL RV-10 #40007

Congratulations to repeat RV-builder James on the first flight of his RV-10! We purchased the kit from the builder in 2008 in Colorado who had built the tail section and loaded it in a truck and drove it to Alabama. We began working on it right away, working on it as time and funds permitted. […] Read More

John Tierney’s New RV-7A! | Salem, WI RV-7A #71342

Congrats to John on the first flight of his new RV-7A! After 16 years kit #71342 became airborne 7/11/19 at Kenosha Regional Airport (KENW) in southeast Wisconsin. Due to clouds at 3,000 feet we had to keep the first flight orbits close in to the airport, which was interesting when at full power a lot […] Read More

Patrick Townsend’s RV-9 | 1W1 Camas, WA RV-9 #92115

Congrats to Patrick on the first flight of his RV-9! He writes to tell all of us: N631PB “Chuck” named after our Lab had its first flight today after six years in the making. What an amazing airplane! Thank you to all my friends and family who have been so patient with me over the […] Read More

Patrick Salisbury’s RV-12iS | Eugene, Oregon RV-12iS #121052

Congrats to Patrick and Ian on their newly-flown RV-12iS! “My son Ian and I started building this RV-12iS in July of 2017 at Synergy Air with Ryan Marshall teaching us. We then took the project home and finally moved it to Creswell Airport (77S) two months ago. Today was a scary and exciting day. With […] Read More

Tal Holloway’s RV-10 | Apex, NC RV-10 #40476

Congrats to Tal on the first flight of an amazing RV-10! What an awesome day! My first flight was OUTSTANDING! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to have completed the biggest building project of my life! I’ve had the dream of building my own airplane since I was interested in flying. […] Read More

Joel Haynes‘ RV-12iS | Bozeman, MT RV-12iS #121069

We’re starting to see newly flying RV-12iS airplanes in first flight reports! Joel writes to tell about his: “RV-12iS N319JL took the air today for the first time. Beautiful climb performance at 5500 ft density altitude. No squawks other than the need for a little rudder trim. Love the smooth-running Rotax 912iS.”

Michael Phillips’s RV-8! | Los Angeles, CA RV-8 #81895

Michael writes us about his first flight in his RV-8, which happened in December, 2018: I love this airplane! She flies straight and true. The controls are perfectly harmonized and the performance is spectacular! I have dual Advanced Flight Systems EFIS, remote NAV, remote transponder, remote audio panel and ADS-B in/out. Congrats!!

Scott Dykstra’s New RV-9A | Jenison MI RV-9A #SD001

Congrats to Scott! He writes to tell us: 6-19-2019 4:30 EST Jenison MI. Riverview airport (08C). N518SD RV-9A sliding canopy took to the sky for the first time. N518SD is powered by a Lycoming 0-320 D3G 160 hp with E-mags, and 3 blade Catto prop. Installed GRT HXR 10″ touch screen, EIS and Garmin com. […] Read More

Steve Dickinson’s RV-9A | Sierra Vista, Arizona RV-9A #91838

Steve writes us to tell about his newly-flying RV-9A. Congratulations, Steve! I am living proof that 70 is not too old to have a first flight. My flying skills were rusty, so I took advantage of the Additional Pilot Program. After a few hours of dual instruction, I now feel comfortable as PIC. The airplane […] Read More

Chandler Webb’s RV-14A | Safford, Arizona RV-14A #140304

Chandler wrote to describe the first flight of his RV-14A in April! What he doesn’t mention (so we will!) is that he’s since started working at Van’s Aircraft in our Aircraft Assembly Division. We’re happy he’s here! Great looking airplane, Chandler – Congrats! “It was a beautiful Friday morning and I had come in on […] Read More

Adam and Kyle Randall – RV-7 | Doylestown, PA RV-7 #72023

Adam writes in to tell us of the first flight of the RV-7 he and his brother built! Congratulations! After 15 years, N631AK had its first flight today! I started the project in 2004 and built the empennage, but didn’t get serious until my brother Kyle joined the project in 2012. He flies an F-15C […] Read More

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